The Garlic Warrior

Let me make the point: Local Garlic is NOW available!
Well, for those of us in the southern hemisphere and particularly in West Australia.
And if you don’t have any wherever you are then find yourself a supplier on Australia’s fabulous west coast and place an order.
At Sal and Phil’s, my local fruit and veg retailers, they have two boxes brimming with the delight.
That’s Sal wearing a garlic necklace.
Not only has Sal got plenty of locally grown garlic, his entire shop is brimming with local fruit and veg.
Am I in the pay of the garlic munchers?
Why then am I into garlic and cherries and other such fruit and veg?
Because, dear blog fancier, I am a fanatical, locally-grown fruit and veg person who grew up on a fruit and veg farm in the lower south west of this magnificent fast disappearing state called West Australia.
Indeed, I grow my own garlic and eat it every day.
Not mine, it’s not ready yet, but right now I’m eating some I bought from Misters Fruit and Veg, Sal and Phil, two Australian-Italian dudes who not only know garlic when they sniff it, they stick it where folk can see it.
It’s purple in colour, not white, and is full of all the necessaries you expect to find in a knob of the genre.
Just so you know I’m not alone, International Garlic Research recently held an international conference at The Free University of Berlin.
It was the 6th International Congress on Phytotherapy, in conjunction with the European Scientific Co-operative for Phytotherapy.
Phytotherapy, by the way, is all about the study of plants and herbs for medicinal purposes.
So there.
Go get it.
Eat it.
And keep it cool and dark.
You might want to take a look at this book.

Oh, you might be thinking: “Garlic stink not for me.”
Well, check out his site for good info:
Take a look at the above book.
Some ancients once prayed to garlic.
Must have been something in it.

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