Global Caring

It’s time, I think, to take full responsibility.
If we don’t, Kilimanjaro will melt, Iceland will melt, oceans will heat up (doing away with whatever whales Iceland and Japan have left behind in their madness), the Maldives will sink and Manjimup, West Australia, will be too warm to grow cherries.
This is a disaster.
You cannot have a Cherry Festival in a town that does not grow cherries.
Please, for the sake of the folk who have worked their guts to the bone to create a magnificent festival that already equals major cherry festivals around the world, please, sign a petition.
You can find it on this web site.
Lot’s of fabulous, gorgeous, darling, media type celebrity airheads have already signed, but don’t let that put you off.
Go on, sign.
I dare you.

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