Not another Cherry Festival?

The bloke on the left is the Leader of the Opposition Liberal Party in the Western Australian State Parliament. His name is Paul Omodei and he can spit. So can his son, Paul Jnr. Paul Jnr is the local champion and he’s spitting to make the international scene.

Yes, another!

Yes, there is one in the Brda region of Slovenia. In June.
Check it out on this web site:
Apparently Brda means rolling hills and the place is west of the Soca River.
Look it up on a map.
Then go there, spit cherry pips and represent Europe in the Great GlobeVista Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival World Championsips of Cherry Pip Spitting.
Ok, laugh, but it will happen.
In Brda, according to Katreen Hardt, the New York writer and actress who wrote the copy on the above web site:”Brda’s annual Cherry Festival is, in short, a weekend celebration in the charming town of Dobrovo, with a parade, including Italian groups from the Friuli region, and the sale of homemade cherry jams and pies in praise of the season. It is the pleasant Mediterranean climate, and the regions close proximity to the Adriatic Sea (on a clear day you can see Aquilea and Grado), that enables Brda grape growers to produce high quality wines to be found on the menu of any high-end restaurant in Ljubljana.”
Reads just like Manjimup, with it’s Italian sausage makers, Greek and Macedonian clubs and its high quality wines.
The major exceptions being that the river is the Warren, the sea is the Indian Ocean (it’s a big shire, the shire of Manjimup, runs all the way to the coast) and from a hill you can see Bridgetown, the Blues Music capital of the West.

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