How it all began

It wasn’t easy.
A friend asked if I would help out, be a light relief in all the seriousness.
I said yes.
I regretted it.
The thing was, and rightly so, participants expected that I, a co-presenter, would know all about the 16 different personality types that make up the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator®.
It was embarrasssing.
I was funny, sure, but I lacked substance.
Integrity has always been crucial to someone with my profile: ENFP.
And because I was extraverted (E), I voiced my dilemma, and because I took my embarrassment personally (F), I only had one option: resign.
In those days it was important that practitioners have a degree in the humanities, and I did, so I became acredited.
As soon as I completed my accreditation studies, I realised the journey had only just begun.
and that it would never finish.
I am now member of the Jungian Society and I attend all pre-conference workshops of the Australian Association for Psychological Type bi-annual conference and a day does not pass without me reading, exploring, pondering, and realising how little I know.
This blog will be part of the jounrey.
I’ll hope you’ll drop in from time to time.

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