Start laughing things are getting serious

Some days I wake up and I wonder where I’ve been, not because I have a heavy hangover, or I got so doped up the night before I have no idea who I am or the other details of my immediate life.
No, it’s because I am an old baby booming bastard who came through the sixties and revolted and smoked dope and dreamt of changing the world and did my best to scream and rant at the established and controlling order and in some small way I believed that I had, along with Danny the Red, Richard Neville, Germane Greer, Carole King, Richard Pryor and who knows who else.
But it seems I haven’t.
We all failed.
Ok, a few lucky women in the Western World have a better rate of pay.
And in some areas they get respect.
A lot of men got confused and remain so and can’t imagine what it is they are supposed to be doing in a world which now seems run by women on better rates of pay then their mothers.
It’s crap, of course.
But it’s not the only place of confusion.
What about North Korea?
And India?
And Pakistan?
And Israel?
All members of the club with the ability to blow the shit and all other bodily fluids out of the entire planet.
What’s the point of that?
Why do we need the ability more than once?
And why is it that the most powerful nation the fully rounded planet has ever seen seems to think that it is the only one with the right to destroy us all and why is it that it continues to drive around in four-wheel drives past electronic signage pointing the way to vacuous, soulless, nothingness while so many of the rest of us can’t find a decent glass of water, or a handful of fresh fruit?
So what about global warming?
What’s the point of that?
Ok, it all looks pretty miserable.
Tell you what, if you didn’t have a sense of humour, bugger, where would you be?

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