Getting up!

I don’t know about you, but I get fired up about stuff.
Being a fifth generation Australian, with a strong connection to place, and an acute awareness of how much damage the DDT, dieldrin and other noxious crap we spilt around our home has impacted on the environment, I now feel the urge to correct and recover.
It’s a tough assignment, but everyone has to do their best if we are to leave this place in a fit condition for the next gens and the poor creatures trying to eke a living in the fast declining bushland.
There’s much to be done.
Some of it’s personal.
Some of it’s spiritual.
Some of it’s political.
Some of it’s communal.
The first two are very personal.
The second two are public.
If the third is of interest but you don’t want to march in the street, then a petition might be the way to go.
Get Up, Action for Australia is a body I have some respect for.
Check it out.
There’s a link on the right.
(I have marched in the street but find it disconcerting. All the yelling and the sloganeering unnerves me. Unless there are drums. If the march can be danced, I’m in.)
Have a look.
Take the time.
We all need all the help we can get.

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