Global warming? Not sure what to do?

The Stern Review, the report commissioned by the British, Blair, Labor Government, has forecast “global suffering greater than two world wars and one depression if nothing is done to cut emissions”. [Weekend Inquirer, The Weekend Australian, November 4-5, 2006]
Unbelievable, that that the greatest threat to the planet is not war, but peace and prosperity!
The more peace we have, the more we produce; the longer the peace, the more we want; the more we want, the more we consume; the more we consume, the greater, the faster the madder the lemming-like spiralling growth; and the more we grow, the more we, well, you get the picture and so on and on until it all ends.

Ok, what to do: A Mind Map to remind us
The above mind map was created by Jane Genovese and her mother, Sharon.
Jane is a student and professional speaker.
And she lives what she speaks.
You can check out the map in all its glory, and other maps by the dedicated mappers, by heading for Jane’ s website:
And clicking on “resources“.
For a full reading of the Stern Review, go ahead:

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