More Spitting Pics

These two blokes are not spitting cherry pips, no, they are throwing avocado stones as far as they can using their mouths.
The bloke on the left, Paul Omodei snr, is the Leader of the Opposition in the WA State Parliament and when he gets fired up he can spit a mile.
The bloke on the right, Rob Palmer, is a larger than life character from a tv show, Better Fences and Pillow Cases, or something with a similar name.
Rob had a bigger mouth and more wind and spat his avocado stone almost as far as he spat his cherry pip.
He almost won the pip spitting competetion too, but if you look below you’ll see he didn’t.
Paul had a bad day and wished he was facing another kind of adversity, like a bloke he hated whose job he wanted.
It was all good fun and nobody laughed harder than the contestants. which made it bloody hard to get the stone in the air.
[Pic from Lyn Neal]

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