The Great Spit Off

The 2006 winner of the GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Championships is Michael Robinson, the reigning New Zealand Champ.
It all happened in Manjin Park, Manjimup, West Australia, on a stinking hot day full of cherries and laughter.
That’s Michael on the right, watching Rob Palmer, a tv dude from better Homes and Licorice Allsorts, or another tv show with a similar name.
Rob spat well and damn near took the title but was pipped at the spit by Michael’s last saliver toss.
The local champion, Paul Omodei jnr, did not spit well on the day and was embarrassed by his inability into the strong wind.
He did, however, beat all other locals and won himself a trip to New Zealand for next year’s spit off.
Paul will probably face Michael in Cromwell, New Zealand’s cherry growing capital.
[Picture taken by Lyn Neal]

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