Oh yes, we’ll do it all again

Getting closer.
Our Pip Spitting Champ from 2006, Paul Omodei Jnr, is almost on the plane for Cromwell NZ.
He’s training, spitting, every day, he said, so I hope he is.
Paul will fly into Queenstown, jump a car for Cromwell, spit like al hell has broken lose and, hopefully, bring the Australasian Cherry Pip spitting Trophy back home where it is yet to belong.
Those pesky NZers may not be able to play rugby when the saliva hits the fan, but they sure can spit.
As for the cherries, not sure this far out.
What is certain is that there will not be as many as last year because although Manjimup has had plenty of rain, it has not been cold enough.
Get ready.
More news coming.

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