Biograpgy of Bill Clinton? Not!

My last entry, “Who the heck is Jon Doust” worked so well getting this blog back on Google’s first page of Jon Dousts, I wondered if it would work for Bill Clintons.
Only one way to find out.
Here it is.
Which brings me to the US election.
It’s none of my business and I do not wish to be accused of interfering in the internal politics of a foreign country.
And that what it is, a foreign country, the US.
Its democratic processes are foreign to me. I don’t get them. The electoral process in deciding who the next President will be seems as democratic as that of mainland China.
Indeed, mainland China’s processes are completely unknown to me and they may well be even more democratic.
What is clear is that in China it is not the richest bloke who wins, so he must engage in some kind of lobbying process that gets him there, which more than likely means making mates and gathering votes.
Let’s see if this works.
If you want to read a real biography of William J Clinton, go here: Bill.
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