Today, December 1, 2007
Cromwell, New Zealand
Earlier today, NZ time, Paul Omodei Jnr spat his way into the record books with a resounding victory in the Trans-Tasman Cherry Stone Spitting Championship.
To win, Paul faced his nemesis, Michael Robertson, the 2006 Trans Tasman winner.

It was a tight contest, according to our on-site reporter, Tatum Larsen: “Paul spat hard and fast and the stone, as they call the pips here, flew 11.24 metres.”
Michael was crushed, defeated, took time out, ate a pie, sucked on a bottle of coke, walked back to the podium and faced off for the right to fly to Manjimup and attempt to wrest back the trophy, which looks, in case you’ve forgotten, like this:

Due to an ongoing holiday, Paul will not appear in Manjimup next week to spit off in the Globe Vista Southern Hemispheric Cherry Pip Spitting Championships (or something like that).
Michael Robertson will be there, angry, tormented by his defeat, eager to find a bed, anywhere, somewhere, but certainly not in the hotel room booked for the purpose of his visit.
And why should he, he’s young, he’s handsome, he’s from New Zealand.
This blogger can’t find a pic of Paul Omodei Jnr, but here’s one of his father attempting to swallow an avocado stone.


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