A sight for sore Australian eyes: Michael Robertson holds aloft the GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Trophy, almost one week to the day that he lost it.

December 8th
Manjimup, West Australia
IN a sad day for Australian Cherry Pip Spitting, the New Zealand Champion, Michael Robertson, sucked back the trophy he’d lost the week before.
From the back of a truck, Robertson spat in the faces of an entire town and crushed the opposition.
Well, not quite crushed, because his spit of 10.3 metres, pipped the Australian representative, Mount Barker’s Mark Vitler, by just .2 of a metre.

NZ’s Michael Robertson spits using his famous, curled-tongue, full body method.

Vitler, a big man with a big heart, spat 10.1 metres and might have won the Trans-Tasman trophy if not for the long, early morning drive along the Muir Highway that joins two great fruit growing communities.

Mount Barker’s Mark Vitler shows a nation what he’s made of.

Competition was strong, with Donnybrook’s Norm Bedford spitting 10 metres on his way to a cricket match in Bunbury.
Competition organiser, Jon Doust, said it was time Australian spitters caught up with the New Zealanders.
“Robertson is obviously funded by a serious backer and clearly spends months preparing,” Doust said.
“Our blokes all have jobs, families to support, nations to build, creeks to cross, rivers to dam, hills to ship out and can’t compete on the same level.”
When it was pointed out to Doust that only the week before Paul Omodei Jnr had travelled to NZ and wrested back the Trans-Tasman trophy with a magnificent spit of 11.24 metres, he shrugged his shoulders and said: “That maybe so, but I think my earlier comments will look better on a blog, than some namby-pamby stuff about ‘best man won on the day’, or ‘it’s back to the drawing board.”’
Here’s Robertson celebrating the next day with a haka.

In other news:
Before the event got under way, The West Australian ran a piece inside the front cover.
Read on:

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