Jon Doust, Skye Shannon, Roy Piggott, Jeremy Beissel

Manjimup Cherry Festival Day Before
IN a disgusting display of bad manners, Jeremy Beissel stuck his face in a plate of cream, found a cherry and spat the pip on the chest of Genine Unsworth.
He won the Find the Cherry Pip and Spit Competition, a new game designed and created by Maree Cullinan of ABC South West.
It was all over before it started.
Beisseel, the new co-owner of Fonty’s Pool, was in a like a duck and out like truck.
Doust was next but he politely held his pip.
Skye Shannon, ABC Rural Reporter, was a close third. She also resisted the temptation to spit on her superior.
Roy Piggott struggled and denied his plate had a cherry: “I’ve lost mine,” he complained.
It was all for a laugh, obviously at the expanse of those with cream on their faces, particularly Piggott who took days to get the stench from his beard.
Maree Cullinan revealed herself as a creative and devious producer and someone not to be trusted with power and responsibility.
Here she is (on the left) leading on Genine Unsworth (on the right), a kind and gentle soul who has no idea what she is getting into.

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