Barcino, a restaurant and coffee house in Albany

The Albany schoolteacher bitten on the weekend by a white pointer has spoken.

Local doctors operated on him for close to 6 hours and he appeared on TV and radio news.

It seems when the big lady grabbed him she dragged him under water and only let go because he poked her in the eye.

This is a bloke you want with you in a crisis.

As the woman who dragged him out of the water said “he is the real hero”.

People involved in pulling him onto the beach and working to stem the bloody flow and make sure he was comfortable said he remained calm throughout, even though he was clearly in intense pain.

So, who was the real hero?

In my view, as a casual, but keen, observer, and peripheral participant, there were no heroes, just a bunch of fine people who knew each other and knew what had to be done and who could best do what and they got on with it and did it.

Excellent humans, each and every one of them and not once did I hear calls for revenge on the big fish lady.

This town, Albany, is where I and my partner intend to live, permanently. The weekend intensified my desire to live and breathe in this far corner of this vast state.

2 thoughts on “MORE SHARK NEWS

  1. People really clicked into gear in this sudden crisis didn\’t they. I think anyone who runs into the water and stays there knowing there\’s a big shark around is likely to earn hero status, even if the excuse is \’it was just instinct.\’Often the instinct in such situations is to panic, stand stock still or run, not many go straight towards the obvious danger.It all happens so quickly too. I have great respect for everyone who dealt with this situation, none of whom would have been confronted with it before. A plaque to commemorate not who died, but who was rescued and how, would be very appropriate.

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