Pell Postscript

Some of the above may have been a little harsh on Cardinal Pell. He may not have actually said: “Populate or perish”
His words were reported in newspapers and we all know they are not always accurate. Your modern journo is not blessed with shorthand and often what someone seems to be saying is enough to be written as having been said. Or an editorial angle is set and all comments that approach the angle, almost hit the angle, or are on an angle three degrees from the angle, are reworked to look like just like the angle.
However, this is a blog, an excuse for a rant, and so, I take Cardinal Pell as an example, as a figurehead of his Church and then rave, because that’s what bloggers do.
And this rant, sarcastic as it is, scathing as it is, has, I believe, a universal truth, which I hold to be true.
And that is that the Church is not what Jesus had in mind.
It is what Constantine The Great had in mind.

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