Get ready!

Oh, yes, the spitting season is warming up.
Already the great Mark Vitler, Australian Champion, soon to be Australasian Champ, maybe World Champ, possibly the Greatest Champ of All Time, is in training.
On his farm out of Mt Barker, nestled under the Porongurup Range, each and every day Mark begins his morning with lung expansion exercises, cheek and tongue extension exercises and hip thrust manoeuvres.
All are designed to make sure he brings the Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Trophy home to WA, to West Australia, where it began and belongs.
For too long the New Zealanders have …. ok, it’s only a year, but that’s too long, a week would be too long.
Word around town is that Mark’s manager, the unofficial Porongurup mayor, Scott Drummond, will be joining him in New Zealand, along with his personal trainer. That’s Mark’s trainer, not Scott’s, Scott can’t be trained, for anything.
The three warriors will travel to Cromwell, NZ, for the New Zealand Cherry Stone Spitting Championships on Saturday December 6th.
No doubt, once in town, they will be subjected to the usual: endless hospitality, goodwill, generous gift giving, all designed to knock them off their game.
Local Cromwell promotions guru, Terry Emmitt, said this year’s event would be held in the town mall, a delightful venue with it’s own internal creek. Cromwellians not only know how to spit, they know how to design a mall.
Last year’s champ, the youthful and extravagant, Michael Robertson, has, hopefully, completed his university studies and is gainfully employed by an organisation that has no idea what it has let itself in for.

This blog will keep you posted.
If you have any questions, keep them to yourself.

ps: Probably worth noting – this year’s Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival will be held on Saturday December 13th and 14th. News to hand from local growers is that it could be a bumper season.

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