The time has come the walrus said

Since I have moved into the great southern corner of the vast continent called Australia, my life has changed much.
I only buy papers about three times a week. The TV has almost died completely. I have much more time on my hands.
It is time, I thought, to work a WordPress blog. And that is what I have done.
Good question.
The experts tell me it is the way to go, so I have gone.
Here it is:
Go take a look.
A lot of the crap on this blog is now crap over there, but it’s also got new crap.
I like this blogspot. I will keep it.

6 thoughts on “The time has come the walrus said

  1. Experts – WordPress! (Installation nightmare even the using the Famous 5-minute install!!) Why when you have a perfectly functional and extensible blog at Blogger that is integrated with Google, the mightiest organisation on the net! Ah you want your blogging taken more seriously! I see! Like letters after a name in a way!LOL!

  2. Okay, two experts. Old friends of mine. And the main reason: to shove my new book. Purely commercial decision, but also intensely personal, because the book is. And now I live in a farther flung corner of the English speaking world, and my income has dropped even further than interest rates, I need all the money I can get. But, Robin, I will keep this. I like blogger. I am fond of blogger. I will not desert blogger.

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