Mike ‘The Dogman’ Bassett has won the Trans-Tasman GlobeVista Cherry Pip Spitting Championship.
He is pictured above doing a haka with local hero Mark ‘Spooky’ Vitler looking on.
The crowd in Manjimup, Western Australia, was left standing numb after Mike spat 13.3 metre, through a wind, round a corner, across a road, up a street, over a truck and between audience legs.
It was stunning performance from the man someone from his home town of Wanaka, New Zealand south island, once described as “a young lad who has been nowhere and likes it here”.
Current Australian champion Mark Vitler described his own performance as “not much better than a chook with a head cold”.
Mark spat so bad he even gave up the Australian trophy to Manjimup boy Craig McSharer.

Mike took a fancy to his massive trophy and forgot to hand it back to the Manjimup Visitor Centre, was arrested on the outskirts of town, spent three minutes in gaol, was bailed, and returned later that night for a meal with the local sergeant’s family.
All in all, the 15,000 people who visited Manjimup for the Cherry Harmony Festival agreed they had had the best time ever in their entire miserable life so far and vowed to return next year, the year after, and very year until the conceptualiser, Jon Doust, was either run out of town, or choked to death on a cherry pip.

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