New Zealand town celebrates

The newly crowned GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Champion Mike Bassett is fast becoming a local hero.
Wanaka is a neat little town perched up high in Central Otago in the middle of the South Island.
Surely ‘The Hound Dog Man’ can’t be the region’s first international celebrity, but you can be sure New Zealanders on both ends will make the most of his success with nothing more than a big mouth and a fine set of cheeks.
If you want to read how the prestigious Otago Daily Times is reporting his success, click here.

One thought on “New Zealand town celebrates

  1. Loved that, according to the prestigious \”Otago Daily Times\”, the championships were held \”near Perth\” Jon!Do you think the cherry pips are bigger in Manjimup, the cherries too of course, therefore the greater distance of the spit?Wyatt said the festival was great, he really enjoyed himself.

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