The new Local Champ steps up his campaign

Craig McSharer and Jon Doust with GlobeVista’s Tanya Izzard and Aidan Montague
(Photo by Natalie Bell)

Craig McSharer is the Australian Cherry Pip Spitting Champaign.
There is no dispute.
He beat last year’s champ, the Mighty Marky Mark Vitler, with an amazing spit that crushed Vitler by 3cms.
Or was it 2, or 1.1?
Who can remember.
The action was hot and fast and furious and all attention was on the 13.3 metres by the crazed New Zealand, Mike Foam at the Mouth Bassett.
We know Craig is the Australian champ because spitters from Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia – all cherry growing states – failed to turn up, to accept the challenge, to even acknowledge the sport.
Craig says to all spitters, Australia wide: “Bring it on! If you think you can spit, let’s see your saliva.”
If you want to see Craig glow in his glory, go here.

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