What fine colours this little crab has evolved for itself.

Broome is certainly a fabulous and hot place.
But here are some images I captured on a recent visit that may not have been seen before.
Oh sure, the long Cable Beach with the camels and the almost-clothed people, but how many folk have paid attention to the fabulous rock formations and the weird little creatures that inhabit the under-rock nooks?
Well I did, but maybe that’s because I had time on my hands, the beach was not full of almost-clothed folk, and because that’s the kind of beach goer I am, a poky, probing, inquisitive little chap.

This does not look like a crab, more like a sea-going spider.

Don’t you just love rocks

There is much to love about a fine rock setting and one aspect for me is always the awareness that they are so much older than me, or you, or anyone we know.
They have seen the rise and fall of Mesopotamia, Rome, Persia, Zimbabwe (the ancient one), Egypt, Genghis Khan, the Ming Dynasty, the Incas, and all the others that don’t spring immediately to mind.
So, tip: when in Broome, look at a rock, and under it.
And acknowledge the Yawuru people, on whose country you stand.

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