The author, Jon Doust, the publisher, Georgia Richter, the promoter, Chris Pash

This blogger is exhausted.
Two big launches in recent weeks – first Perth, then Albany – along with other work designed to earn enough money to sustain life and reasonable comfort, have taken their toll.
Today is Saturday April 4, 2009, and by now most bookshops will have a copy or two. At least two bookshops have already had to reorder more than once – the two that sold at the launches.
More photographs.

Two authors in one: Jon Doust with John Dowson’s book and John Dowson with Jon Doust’s book.

Writing a book is not easy.
And selling it, if you are the author, is no easier.
While idling down York Street, Albany, I happened upon an almost-namesake, John Dowson, whose book, Old Albany is selling like muffins.
As luck would have it, we were in the same school at roughly the same time. So he bought mine and I bought his.

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