Mt Barker spits Big

The Weekender, 3/12/2009

The Cherry pip spitting season is heating up.
Last weekend 90 people, yes, 90 of them, spat off in a precursor to the Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival Globe Vista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Championships of the World.
That’s a lot to fit in one mouth at one time.
The winner was the rambunctious Rob Andrews from Albany and his over exhuberant son, Sam, took out the junior section. In Mt Barker they like to include everybody and so there was also a women’s winner, Sharon Boenzi.
Over in Manjimup there will be no discrimination and Rob and Sam will both be spitting in the Open Section.
Rob, by the way, won with a massive toss of 12.33 metres, which is sure to put fear into the gobs of the Manji set.
Meanwhile DO NOT FORGET that the current Australian Champ, Craig “Danny Green” McSharer, is juicing himself for the first round in the Australasian Big Gob.
It all takes place this Saturday morning in sleep deprived Cromwell, where parties last nights, months, and sometimes years.
No doubt he will meet the Big Gobber from last year, Mike “Death Defying” Bassett, a builder by day in Wannaka, another New Zealand town the high country.
The NZ winner will, of course, fly over the ditch, across the flat and be driven down to God Kissed country where he will spit again, and again, and again, then, when exhausted, he will fly home and wonder where the hell he’s been and if it all really happened.
Arr, life, what wondrous moments it tosses.

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