CROMWELL, NEW ZEALAND, sometime Saturday
Australia’s own Craig “Danny Green” McSharer spat his best but could not slam “Mad Dog” Bassett.
Mike Bassett retained his Australasian Championship belt with a huge hurl of over 12 metres.
A registered builder in his home town of Wannaka, South Island, Bassett practises very llittle but saves his best for the crunches of major competition.
McSharer worked his lips, his cheeks, his buttocks and both his lungs and spat further than anyone expected given his lifestyle.
Next Saturday, Western Australian standard time, at the Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival, Bassett and McSharer will spit again in the second round of the Globe Vista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Championship of the Entire World.
McShare swore he would revenge himself and his country.
“They don’t call me Danny Green for no reason,” he said. “When cornered, I fight back and punch above my weight.”
It all looks good for the biggest spit off since Richard Hadlee and Trevor Chappel. Or Rod Marsh. Or was it Greg Chappel. Well, one of the Chappels.

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