Jesus help us! Someone. Anyone. You …

Read this.
Be afraid.
Do something about it.
Sign this petition
Click on this website (extract below).
And email them:

BAA 2010/08-Provisional final import risk analysis report for fresh apple fruit from the People?s Republic of China

This Biosecurity Australia Advice notifies stakeholders of the release of the Provisional final import risk analysis report for fresh apple fruit from the People’s Republic of China.

The provisional final import risk analysis (IRA) report recommends that the importation of fresh apple fruit to Australia from China be permitted subject to a range of quarantine conditions.

The recommended quarantine measures include area freedom and a systems approach to manage quarantine pests and diseases, supported by an operational system to maintain and verify the quarantine status of consignments.

Here’s my email:

Dear people,

Your provisional recommendation to import Chinese apples is nothing short of insane.

Apart from the false pricing of such importations, a price structure that kids the global economist into believe that he can land fruit cheaper into Australia than it can be trucked from the town next door, what about the carbon footprint?

What about the unknowns?

What about fruit quality?

What about fruit life?

What about this “The provisional final IRA report identifies 16 quarantine pests (11 arthropods and five diseases) that require quarantine measures to manage risks….”

Why take a chance?


Ex-fruit grower,

Related to many fruit growers

Buyer of local fruit, only

Jon Doust

Albany WA

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