IN a dramatic development, the current Australasian GlobeVista Cherry Pip Spitting Champion, Craig “The Hoop Boy” McSharer, has announced he will spit in this Saturdays Big Spit.

Only two days ago, the champ, whose mug is not up for grabs until January 4 in Cromwell NZ, had said he would stand aside and let the “local lads have a crack”.

All this changed when a number of young turks came out of the orchard and blow their cheeks.

These included Grant “Hercules” Hetherington, Daniel “The Whistler” Jones and Greg “Shorty” Matthews.

Not to forget Adam “Blow Hard, Blow Long” Adams and the Dark Horse, who is yet to show his colours, Adam “The Whisperer” Price. Price, who has been in hiding since last year’s event, when he blitzed the field with an early spit in excess of 12 metres.

If you want to see some live action, but not much of it, go to the ABC SOUTH WEST WEB SITE.

The Big Spit will commence at around 11.15am  tomorrow Saturday 11.

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