The Doust Files – Albany Advertiser 3/7/2012

I’m throwing my hat in the ring for CEO, City of Albany. Let me explain why.

First and foremost, I have no previous experience. This is not unusual as one of our last two CEOS had only been inside a council chamber to check the furniture and the other one to sit in a chair long enough to count the legs.

However, perhaps the three years I spent in the public service will stand me in good stead when the head hunters look me over.

I worked for the WA Department of Industrial Development during a very exciting period and served both Barry McKinnon (Liberal Party) and Mal Bryce (Labor Party).

Bryce was interesting and although a member of the socialists, he looked more like he belonged with the other mob. It was only when he opened his mouth you could tell where he sat.

McKinnon dressed more like a radical and would often wander through the building with his coat off, sleeves up, tie loose and threatening to take us all for a drink, particularly me, because like him, I was a Bridgetown boy.

My major task in the department was to spin a good yarn no matter how bad the news. Albany City needs that skill.

The other attribute I could bring is that wonderful ability to look very busy when I have nothing more to do than drink coffee and engage all and sundry in random, meaningless conversation.

Meetings are another strong point and I never leave one without making sure I know when the next one is, where it is and exactly what day to submit my apology.

Perhaps I should also mention that I have had a lot of experience running, mainly away.

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