Big Big Sky, Geraldton, 2013

There is no doubt I love a festival, in particular, a writers/readers festival. My favourite? Too hard to call, but, if you were to pressure me for a short list, on it would be two I have just attended: Big Sky Readers and Writers Festival  in Geraldton and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali.
Big Sky had been denied me for some years due to other engagements, or perhaps the lack of a book to talk about, whatever, I missed it. It is fine little festival full of good cheer and camaraderie. For this year’s event I again signed up for a quick flight over to the Abrolhos islands. And what better company: Ailsa Piper, Rosemary Sayer, Toni Jordan, Brenton McKenna, Mitch Becker, Di Wolfer.
 Malcolm, Ailsa, Diane, The Captain, Toni and Sue.
On the way we flew through a rainbow.
 And when we got there, such beauty.

One man, Brenton McKenna, is a brilliant graphic novelist, the other is an idiot.

Fine story tellers: Doust, Clarrie Cameron, Brenton McKenna, Boori Monty Pryor

Below: Geri Bar, Laureate Project Manager for Australia’s Children;’s Laureate – Boori Monty Pryor.
Above: the full contingent, all named here: Big Sky Writers 2013

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