Doust, JonToby, Xavier

Danny Katz (right hand on chin, glasses)
Jon Doust (hat)
Xavier Toby (right hand on chin, no glasses)

Cash for Comment

Sat 22 Feb 2014

Comedians and authors Xavier Toby and Danny Katz moonlight as newspaper columnists, putting a humorous spin to their opinions on life’s big issues. They speak with Jon Doust.

Free, no bookings

This writer will be at the festival all day Friday 21 and Saturday 22. He loves a festival. he has been called a “festival slut”. By his life-partner.
Should he, and all the other writers, be home and writing? Yes. So if we seem out of sorts, a little edge, perturbed, dysfunctional, then you know why. We are away from our comfort. Treat us kindly. Only touch if we request. 

Did you read what it said above: FREE!
You see, Danny, Jon and Xavier, are doing this, not for money, for love, their love for you.

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