Cherry Pip Spitting at it’s best!

December, 2014.

On Saturday the 13th it will be someone’s lucky day. Lucky because no-one can tell in the spitting game – one spitter who spat 13 metres in a heat will choke and only manage 10 in the final.

It has happened. And this year will not feature the current Australasian Champion, New Zealand’s Mike “Wide Mouth” Wardill. 

Not only will Mike stay home, he will keep his son, Bob “The Blaster”, who was poised to pip the spit of his dad.

Over the ditch there are moves and shifts and changes and we can expect a contender to head to Manjimup for the 2015 season.

This year contenders will face the current Australian Champ, Manjimup’s very own Adam “Atomic” Buckley. Adam has been hard at it all year to improve his technique and is disappointed that the “Wide Mouth” will not be challenging him on the 13th.

Once again thousand will flock to West Australia’s food bowl in the Southern Forests and around 2000 will stand stunned in the main street of Manjimup and watch grown men and women spit their hearts out to win the Globe Vista trip of a life-time – a ticket to Queenstown, New Zealand, and a spit off against the “Wide Mouth” and his fast developing son, “The Blaster”.

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