Conversation with an old home-town friend

I suppose you’re with all the climate change delusionals?
Bob, can I ask you a question? You remember Googilup Brook?
Of course, ran right through town.
I know you lived on the Boyup Brook side, but when I walked home from school I had to cross it every day and you could put your hand in and pull out a pygmy perch, a minnow, or a gilgie. You seen it lately?
It’s a filthy ditch, full of rubbish.
Who did that?
Remember when the cockatoos flew overhead in their hundreds?
Yeah, would blacken the sky.
They’re loosing habitat, right?
Yeah. All that clearing.
Who did that, Bob?
And you remember my grandfather, the bent over guy, the hunter, the bushman, one of three Wadjellas in town who spoke Noongar?
Yeah, who could forget him. A legend.
I sat out on the veranda with him one day in 1972, you know what he said to me? Jon, we have to stop cutting down the trees. Too many gone already. The animals and birds need the habitat.
So you will admit that in your little town region, you have seen the degradation caused by people? 
And you know about the continued clearing and the human lit bushfires all over the planet?
What’s your point?
 All you have to do, Bob, is remind yourself that humans you know have had a massive impact on your immediate environment and climate. Then multiply it across the globe. Forget the confusing science, just use your common sense. You still got some haven’t you?
Yeah. Right. I see what you’ve done there.

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