FOR those of you who have not followed the career of Micky “Chunky” Norris, here are a few details and photos of  his trip to Palmerston North, NZ, earlier this year.

Palmerston North, South, East and West, is the epicentre of all that is the best of New Zealand and home to the New Zealand Rural Games, where men are men and the women are better.

Micky Chunky spat in the final and blitzed the field. His olive pip went a remarkable 5 kilometres. Hang on, sorry, that’s how far Micky’s hotel was from the venue.

Distance is not important in finals – it’s the win that matters.

And Mickey won, bringing joy and honour to Manjimup, Western Australia, Australia. And that’s not all, in the words of one of our leaders, he brought relief to policemen and women working over the Christmas season, to nurses, doctors, dentists, emergency workers. Let’s not get carried away here, to volunteers in all areas – home care, flood recoveries, cats caught in trees.

Thank you, Micky!

And now for more unreliable details.

This how they do it over there, along a green mat. Very precise. Very efficient.
Nothing at all like our madness from the back of a truck, down a main street, with small children in immediate danger.

Here’s the Chunk getting ready for the Dunk.

While in NZ, Micky’s natural charm, but more particularly, and his wife Aimie’s poise, sophistication and sensibility, made them much sought after for photographs with locals wanting to benefit from their auras.

Here is a classic example.

The Mayor of Palmerston North, Grant Smith, Micky, Aimie, and the Mayor’s wife Michelle are pictured below. Grant did not spit off in the final, apparently due to an injury sustained earlier in the week during a spat with another regional councillor. He needed the positive publicity and it is believed in the only poll taken since, his popularity jumped 16 percentage points.

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