Finally, a kind of book launch thing

Been a strange few months, in many ways good and bad.
If, like us, you have friends all over the planet, then you know horror stories.
But now, it’s come to this, and part of me is not yet ready because it still seems a bit selfish to celebrate something you have done while friends and cousins in other places are still locked in, shut down, and hurting.
Some of them have told me to get on with it.
Here I am then, getting on.

This is not Jen, but Saskia, Melbourne

Masculinity is explored in rich, unfettered detail, most notably through Muir’s penchant for dishwashing as he travels from Western Australia to South Africa and Israel. For him, this act is an art form that holds a kind of reverence and that turns on its head the stereotype of a menial, restrictive task. Muir not only embraces this task, but volunteers for it, putting himself in the kitchen (traditionally a feminine-domestic space) and using the time to reflect on, and understand, himself.
Jen Bowden, Westerly

My old kibbutz buddy and writer, Donna, New York

As Jack navigates both political and personal politics, romances, and family issues, we watch as the boy becomes a man.Return Ticket does not glamorise youth or war, and its exploration into the issues of drugs and racism is raw and unflattering. The novel is stark and does not paint Jack in a continuously favourable light, but instead, Doust reveals the progress Jack makes to become a better man. Although the novel deals with heavy issues, it is not without its humour and light. Kate Lomas Glendenning, Underground Writers

Two funny friends chat about life, laughs and the latest book by one of these two favourite WA-made comedians.

Date And Time

Fri., 23 October 2020

6:00 pm – 7:15 pm AWST


The Laugh Resort Comedy Club

The Shoe Bar & Cafe

376-420 Wellington St

Perth, WA 6050

Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd is a WAAPA graduate, international comedian, singer-songwriter, ARIA winner, writer for The Project, and an old friend of Jon’s. 

Jon Doust has been a comedian, journalist, keynote speaker, radio regular, festival organiser, community leader and now author for 187 years.

Pallavi, a genius writing friend from India, via Spain.


Here’s Jon when younger, so much …

And here’s Wyatt and Jon, when he’s so much older, so mu …


Old family friend, Linda, from Bunbury via Googilup Bridgetown.

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  1. Hello Jon
    If I wasn’t marooned in plague-ravaged Sydney, I’d be at your event!!
    Please post pictures/a report.


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