The Great Rigger

Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz on satire in a time of Donald Trump.

As I watched the US presidential election unfold, as though he was my president, I asked myself why?

Why not the same attention paid to the Chinese, Russian, Indian, Turkish, German, French leadership elections.

Well, some of them are fake processes. As one Egyptian commentator complained: “What’s all the fuss about in the US? In Egypt we know who has won the election three days before the election.”

And the same could be said for many other countries and it was the belief that Orange Man wanted to install in his followers, that the election was a foregone conclusion and that he was the only possible winner. Any other result would have to be rigged.

What his followers have been blinded by is his construction of the rigging before their eyes. He did the same before the 2016 election, making it clear that if Hillary won it would be because of a rigging.

The Orange Fruit Cake is the main rigger, the supervisor of the team and the owner of the scaffolding construction company.

One of the few manifestations of US democracy to be admired is its long history of peaceful and respectful transitions, one president to the next. Even here the Obese Orange has made it clear he will not go easily.

To recap, the Orange Beluga stacked the judicial system, from county court judges to the Supreme Court, then he let his dog boys loose – Giuliani and the two Mandarins, Eric and Donald with the even tinier brain – followed by attempts to stop postal voting, then calling them “illegal votes”, and now he’s trying to stop all vote counting.

What perhaps is most fascinating is that the founding fathers, mostly slave owners, set up the electoral college system because they did not trust the lumpen proletariat to analyse the policies, or to accurately perceive the morality or intelligence or suitability of candidates and thus make an informed decision.

What the Certified Citrus has proven is that, although decidedly undemocratic, the lumpen, namely his followers, are racked with ignorance, have little concept of reality and would follow a yellow lemon thinking it sweet, believing it sweet, listening to it say it was, sinking their teeth, unable to swallow, but refusing to believe it was anything other than sweet.

And there are others who want the Rude Rutaceae to remain in power because it suits their personal agendas dominated by lust for power and wealth.

On a brighter note, Ellen L Weintraub, a Commissioner on the US Federal Election Commission, has tweeted in response to the Orange Sore:

“Enough, Mr. President. Enough. Spewing conspiracy theories regarding this election will not change the results. The votes have all been cast. The votes will all be counted. The will of the people will prevail. Your lies undermine our democracy and harm our country. Just stop.”

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