A long time, yes, but …

The thing is, I’m writing another book. Love to tell you about it, but sworn to keep the mouth shut.


Well, I wrote a book once and while writing it I talked it to death, literally. Everyone wanted to know: “How’s the book coming along, Jon?”

I talked so much I lost the thread, the meaning, the purpose, the idea, the text, the lot.

Hence forth, mouth shut until done.

But, as I was clearing out an old box, I found this, a column I wrote for The West Australian, way way back in the middle to late 1980s.

It does not have my name on it, because at the time I was employed by the opposition, The Sunday Times. Ha ha ha, did I have a good old laugh about that. I did. There was no such thing as a contract back then, to bind me, to tie me up, no threat of dismissal.

Here is the first, well, not the first, but the first one I found. I will add others as I find them.

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