Get Out, Adelaide, 1976.

Adelaide, 1976

While finishing off my first marriage, I wrote for this little left screaming magazine.
Other names in the pages include:Marcus Beresford, John Emery, Monty Zumer, Bernard Hesling, Terry Jennings, Noel Purdon, Jay Bland, Dave Tilley, Kevin Brewer, Nick Gill.
Where are we all now?


2 thoughts on “Get Out, Adelaide, 1976.

  1. Dunno where everyone else is, but I'm in northern NSW, just returned from 8 years living in Netherlands…..have been working for the last 24 years as an Addictions Counsellor, having got sober in 1989!Nice to remember Get Out – it was agreat progressive magazine 🙂

  2. Nick, as in Nick Gill?Good work, getting sober. I got it in May 1986. Now I live in Albany WA, where I surf, drink coffee, converse, and mainly write.

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