I’ve just finished reading Boy on a Wire.. 
Beautiful stuff mate..

Hi Jon 
It is a long time or never that I have been so stirred by a novel. I have just finished your book and was deeply moved at what the boys and you went through. I know “K” had a hard time at school – he believes you got the Headmaster spot on – and I thought it was the anti sematisim and he was small – now I think there was a bullying, appalling culture fostered by staff.
Will keep me thinking for a long time

I finished it in two days, and that is saying something because I am one of those perpetual students who feels guilty whenever they read something non-uni related. But I couldn’t stop reading this.
I think it should be prescribed reading for all boys, and all girls that intend on encountering boys. Because it seems being a boy can be very confusing, and I know it is confusing being a girl who encounters boys.

I loved it!   Thank goodness I was the only person in my row in the plane on way home, as I was reading about the ice cream eating contest, unable to contain myself but having the “I” preference, I was trying to…, making a strange kind of wheezing sound, trying to keep the laughter inside with the tears were rolling down my face…………… 
Looking forward to the next one…………..

Just want to say it took me a while to get up the courage to buy your book, given my experience of being bullied at school, but I finally bought it and have just finished it.  I loved it!  I laughed and cried – it was the best $24.95 I ever spent.  Thank you.

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