What follows is notes from the past. does it mean Jon is past it? Close. Anyway, have a read and discover what he once got up to.

Jon is often addressing groups at the Curtin Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, talking about personality differences and the benefits of diversity for team stength and resilience. He is an accredited practitioner and qualified to deliver four psychological models based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Many of his clients cannot be identified because they don’t want to be, but if you meet someone who has a fine handle on the way people operate and can seem to deal with a wide range of personalities, chances are she or he has spent time with Jon, heard of Jon, once had a coffee with Jon, read one of his blogs, or seen him from accross the street.

Jon has addressed two World Humour Conferences, two Australian Association for Psychological Type National Conferences (association of MBTI® professionals), a conference of the NZ Association for Psychological Type, numerous psychological bodies, medical bodies, engineering bodies, accounting bodies, teaching bodies, government bodies, farming bodies, retailing bodies, and any bodies? In other words, he’s an Every Body.

Master of Ceremonies

Jon has MC’d everything. Well, most things: in-house seminars, conferences, music concerts, book readings, weddings, chorale concerts at the University of WA, major Education conferences at the Burswood, Professional Association Conferences at the Hyatt, bankers’ conferences, Blues Concerts (Vintage Blues at Wignalls, albany, seven years in a row)) , International conferences in Perth and Bunbury, an International Comedy Festival (Palandri, Margaret River, Pemberton, five years in a row), a birthday party at his house, and, finally, a meeting between all elements of his personality in the privacy of his own head.

Or, you could get Jon to start your day with a 15-20 minute conference kick-starter. He knows all the tricks to stay awake, to maintain concentration, to remain flexible in a set position, and he will provide ready-made questions for all sessions.


Communication and Interaction differences, all delivered with liberal lashings of humour and fun – based on the writings of Carl Jung, [Personality Types, 1923. Widley known because of the work done by Myers and Briggs and oftren referred to as the MBTI®] and the Temperament theories of Linda V. Berens, David Keirsey and Susan Nash [from 25mins to 90mins]:

“Why I think with my mouth open”
“When in Rome, lead like a Roman”
“Why I laugh with my mouth open”
“Why some do and some don’t”
“How to sell to an alien”
“Being ENFP – creativity, comedy and madness”
“If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, then where the hell do I come from?”

In these sessions Jon reveals what happens when people communicate and what can go wrong. Using Temperament Models, or the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator ® (based on Carl Jung’s Personality Types, 1920), Jon shows how different personalities communicate, how their styles can cause friction and how an awareness of the styles can enhance communication. All this is revealed with humorous overhead slides, audience interaction, asides and liberal, but meaningful splashes of humour and comedy.


Humorous talk about leadership

“When in Rome lead like a Roman”

Jon has been a leader. He began Laugh Resort, one of Australia’s longest running comedy venues. He inspired and lead the Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival. He was a founding member of the Wilderness Society in WA. He opened a supermarket in Manjimup in the late 1960s and soundly thrashed two leading supermarket chains.

He also reads a lot and in this talk he explores leadership through a comparison of the five Roman Emperors everyone knows with the “Five Good Emperors” hardly anyone has ever herd of.

For some reason unknown to him, this talk, like all his others, is also humourous .

Humorous talk with a serious message about stress relief [from 25mins to 90mins]

“Start Laughing things are getting serious”

In this session Jon will connect with an audience’s particular stresses and strains, build the laughter, point out the very real health benefits of humour, tell stories of family members and others who have used humour to cope with illness and tragedy and leave the group with skills to cope with everyday tensions.

Humorous but serious talk about men’s health [25mins to 40mins]

“When the going gets tough, a bloke should soften up a bit”

Many men over forty are at risk because they fail to engage their families, their doctors, their friends and they refuse to reveal their private concerns about their emotional, spiritual and physical health. Jon is fifty eight, in the peak of his physical, emotional and intellectual life and very very tired. In order to get to where he is, which isn’t very far, he has had to deal with drug and alcohol addiction, a false sense of his own invincibility and, more recently, an embarrassing wheat intolerance while living in Australia’s biggest wheat producing state. (As if it wasn’t enough being a vegetarian with a beef producing farmer brother!) When he talks to groups of men at risk he is fierce, funny, sometimes sad, informative and he pulls no punches.

Email Jon to find out more about speaking options


Jungian Psychological Model

This can be a full day, or more, or a number of sessions, all designed to help participants determine their personality types, based on the writings of Carl Jung and the Myers and Briggs questionaire. The sessions are fun filled and designed to explain and explore basic patterns in the ways human beings function.

The model can be used for a wide range of purposes:

  • self-awareness and personal growth
  • exploring career choices
  • team building
  • management and leadership training
  • problem solving
  • getting the best out of relationships
  • counselling


For over 16 years Jon Doust ran a course as part of the University of WA’s Extension Program, designed to help people rekindle their sense of humour. It was a dismal failure, which is why people kept coming back.

But seriously, to find out more email Jon.

The psychological type business

Jon is an accredited Myers Briggs practitioner which means he can administer psychological models based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung. The best known Jungian brand is the the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator®.

He no longer uses the so called MBTI®. For the past few years he has been using the MajorsPTI™, a questionnaire developed by Dr Mark Majors, a counselling psychologist with extensive psychometric credentials.

What this meant, when Jon was working the field, he could have helped you get the best out of your teams, facilitated improved communication between fellow workers, family members or friends, coached presentation or communication skills and counseled on career paths.

Majors,as did Myers and Briggs, based their questionnaires on the writings of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, a man Jon never met, but who once said: “Every individual is an exception to the rule.”

Jon is a member of the Australian Association for Psychological Type, an ENFP, and an exception to more rules than one.

And he does all of this with his trademark humour. Bit of a bonus really.

To be honest, Jon is, of course, good at many things and some of them will be mentioned below and some of them will never be spoken out loud.

The Manjimup-Bridgetown Times 3/12/2003

It sounds a bit like an ABBA song, but it’s actually the very serious business of helping people work together.

“Know me, work with you” is the title of a series of workshops running in the lead up to the Cherry Harmony Festival.

The aim of the workshops is to help local volunteers identify their personality profiles, to recognise their strengths and weaknesses, to understand how personality differences can cause conflict and to develop ways to improve teamwork.

Facilitator Jon Doust is probably best known as a professional speaker and comedian but over the past four years he has studied a range of personality profiling systems based on the writings of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist.

Mr Doust said one of the reasons he thought his style of facilitation was in demand was that he brought a unique background to the process.

“It is important to me that we all have fun in the process of learning,” he said. “It is my firm view that people prefer to learn, and learn more, in a setting where they are relaxed, under no pressure, and can have a laugh.

“Many people who do this kind of work have backgrounds in psychology, training, or communication studies.

“I am, of course, a qualified Myers Briggs Practitioner, but I am also a practicing comedian and a small business proprietor.”

Part of a community development program designed by Mr Doust, the workshops have been funded by the Lotteries Commission and run under the umbrella of the Manjimup Chamber of Commerce.

From time to time Jon works out at the Curtin Business School Centre for Entrepreneurship. Business folk from all over West Australia sign up for a year long course and Jon comes in at the Soft-End of the year and helps them take a good look at themselves and those around them.

Get Better Or Get Beaten was a day session at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre with Master Class Act David Hall. Jon made fun of himself after lunch and here he is doing it.


Jon has learnt that his broad range of skills are ideally suited to the development of, and engagement in, community projects. His broad range of abilities might see him facilitate a public think-tank, engage with committees in the process of creating a public event or festival, marketing and promoting the event/festival, and, finally, stacking chairs, placing tables, clearing rubbish and MCing performances during the public event/festival.

(The highly successful and growing fast, Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival, was a concept that fell out of Jon’s mouth, and he has been working on the festival since its inception.). Read all about it here.

Email Jon to find out more.

Corporate Comic-Hoaxes

a rare event…

(Jon has almost retired from this section of his portfolio because his knees are finding it harder to remain calm while the rest of him behaves like a deranged idiot from North America, or a blinkered numskull from Southern Africa.)

Jon charges a lot of money for a corporate comic-hoax, but this is what you get for your money: you get to meet him, more than once, be hounded by him as he relentlessly researches the topic you and he decide on; he then creates the character, builds the speech, creates a visual display, rehearses, rehearses, rehearses, leaves home, rehearses, seeks medical assistance, rehearses, books into a rehab-retreat, turns up to the gig, makes the speech, brings the house down, and, finally, he returns home.

In the past he has been almost anyone. Here are some of him:

  • a multinational bus-line operator from New York
  • a South African Tax Consultant
  • a New York accountant
  • a Swedish data-management guru
  • a South African irrigation expert
  • an Australian insurance expert
  • a Canadian automobile manufacturer
  • an English Lord
  • a German engineer

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