You are a legend, but I guess you hear that all the time.

Melva Buzza, Association of Secondary School Registrars WA.

You saved my life

deceased workshop attendee

He was rude to me.

Richard Court, ex-Premier of Western Australia

He was rude to me

Geoff Gallop, ex-Premier of Western Australia

Jon, you’re a very naughty boy

Alan Carpenter, ex-Premier of West Asutralia

Never heard of him!

Colin Barnett, Premier of West Asutralia

He’s like a brother to me

Paul Doust

He isn’t to me!

Jamie Doust

He used to be really really funny, but now he’s just a tired old man with died hair.

A kid who lives in the same street

That was before he went bald. Now he’s a tired old man with no hair.

the other kid in the street

Pemberton will never be the same and every one says the same: Please make sure Dousta is there again next year!

Al Rogers, Pemberton Comedy Festival and UFX Management

I am so glad I came to see you perform. All my life I have spoken hesitatingly and often left sentences unfinished, but until I saw you I had no idea it was an art form.

Pemberton Comedy Festival punter

Yous guys are legends!

12.4 kids at the Perth City Mission Winter Sleepout in the Old Freo Jail in reference to the Bruce Brothers

Staff were delighted with the success of the evening, which was largely thanks to your brilliant and outrageous performance. The real Roger Holmes has since seen a video of the performance and even he was in stiches.

Don MacKay-Coghill, Chief Executive Officer, The Perth Mint.

I was pretty sure the Deputy Master of the Royal Mint in London would be a very very conservative man, but after you’d been up there for five mminutes, I thought, this guy’s got a sense of humour, then about half way through I realised you were a bloody fraud.

Member of staff, Perth Mint, at Perth Mint Centenary Staff Dinner

This amazing speech and performance turned out to be a highlight of our conference . . . a lot of ice was broken and tons of laughter resulted . . The delegates kept talking about it and still now we hear enthiusiastic comments . ..

Jon van Der Peyl, Vice Chairman for the Committee Ports and Coasts ’99

Okay, very funny, but tell me, seriously, are you really a coastal engineer?

A delegate at Coasts and Ports 99, the 14th Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference

. . . The crowds just keep getting bigger and bigger each year and it’s obvious that you have developed a real following . . . We appreciate your professionalism and good humour in somewhat adverse conditions. We have already received a great deal of positive feedback including one gentleman who described your performance as “a brilliant night of fun which had us weeping with laughter

Kate Baxter, Marketing and Promotions, The Hills Forest, re: “The Bruce Brothers” Tall Tales ‘N True

I would like to thank you for the fantastic performance as Master of Ceremonies that you gave at our recent event, Geoff Bebb’s Stepping Down Dinner, held on Saturday 13th June 1998. Your efforts in this position were greatly admired by myself along with Geoff and everyone else present on the night that I have spoken to. Personally I would like to thank you for the preparation that you made before the event as well as the ideas you shared with myself. I appreciated your ability to adapt to the agenda and mood of the night, all of which contributed to such a successful event.

Surpac Software International