Not sure what to do next?
Thinking of a career change, a new direction?
Need some help in understanding your partner, your work collegues?
The team could do with a better understanding of its strengths and weaknesses?
Jon Doust can help.

Jon works with psychological models based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and they can help you in your deliberations, your interactions and problem solving.
He has a BA, is a Trained Trainer and a qualified Myers Briggs® Practitioner. He is also very creative, a catalyst and a conversationalist.
Jon is available for

  • individual Personality Type profiling
  • group profiling
  • group and public facilitation
  • creativity consulting
  • casual chats

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“PACAWA’s (Psychotherapists and Consellors Association of Western Australia) end of the year Professional Development meeting was simply a hoot! Jon Doust, West Australian Bridgetown bred and internationally acclaimed comedian, actor and writer sent out delirious waves of laughter amongst the group. Jon – in great phenomenological style – began with his own childhood and took us through an Aussie culturally critiqued biography that spoke of a social psychology we could all relate to.”

Start Laughing, things are getting serious!

The Humour Workshop

How would you like to see your staff, your farm group, you and your family – Jon will take on any group – laughing, bonding, creating, reducing stress, increasing profits and efficiency by 1000%, and finding a new galaxy to live in?

If your staff/family/farm group suffers burn-out, low-moral, sick-leave syndrome, vicarious post traumatic stress, or unbalanced transitional inflexibility, then you need professional speaker, writer of kids’ books, humour motivator, researcher, comedian and Bridgetown-boy, Jon Doust.

Jon will enhance team spirit, release anxiety, leave your people in stitches and put them in the right mood for the coming day, year, rest-of-life and the here-and-there-after.

This is what you will learn in one of the sessions:

  • humour stress relief skills
  • how to get a non-verbal laugh
  • how to laugh at your own expense
  • how to keep your distance from things over which you have no control
  • where the best laughs comes from
  • how to trigger the funny bone and not the “flight or fight” mechanism
  • how to bring about world peace

We would like to thank you once again for your contribution … It was quite incredible to see the entire contingent of conference delegates and guests standing and getting involved … your sensitivity to the needs and backgrounds … without trivialising their work loads you managed to get them all laughing…

Anne Russell-Brown, Protective Behaviours WA Inc.

If you’d like to book Jon for a private session (just you and him, or lots of people from your school, organisation or company) then here’s how to get him.

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Need help!

If you are looking for guidance, or even a counsellor, here are some useful contact points and websites.

Book List

A New Guide to Rational Living, Albert Ellis & Robert Harper, Wilshire Book Company.
Breaking the Patterns of Depression, Michaerl Yapko, Doubleday.
Transforming Depression, David Rosen, Nicolas Hays Inc.
How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything — Yes, Anything! Albert Ellis.
Overcoming Depression, Paul A. Hauck, Westminster John Knox Press .
Banishing the Blues, Hilary Boyd, Octopus Publishing Group Ltd.

And for those who would prefer a philosophic angle:

Siddhartha, Herman Hesse, Shambhala Library.
If you Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him, Sheldon Kopp, Sheldon Press.

And for pure inspiration:

An Evil Cradling, Brian Keenan, Vintage.