Yarn Spining

Jon Doust was a journalist for ten years and knows how to make up a story.

And given his early life before TV, video games, 24-hour radio and his career in stand-up comedy, he knows how to tell one too.

He can spin a short one, a long one, and one that would challenge the longest yarn in the history of Australian yarning.

Mainly he does it for fun, but every so often he is determined to add substance, to celebrate a legendary West Australian Big Timber Country larrikin, a silent war hero, an old friend, an uncle, mother, grandmother, grandfather or father.

And once he did it to explore his painful years in an boarding school. For West Australia’s 2001 Fringe Festival he teamed up with another comedian, Deni Fuller, for a show they called: Bleeding Sore.

Jon told many an uncomfortable tale, sometimes with tears and laughter in the same eye.

Perth based writer Ken Spillman. said: “I had plenty of laughs but I got depressed because I couldn’t stop thinking about it . . and then I realised that was what I was supposed to do, think about it.”

The Bruce Brothers

Although Jon can spin one, he can’t last as long as his brother, Roger “Bruce” Montgomery, a man with whom he shares paternal and maternal muses.

The two Bruces will muse anywhere, anytime, their country or yours, mainly for money, but primarily because they can’t keep their mouths shut.

Every couple of months they do a gig called The Laughter Cafe for the University of WA Extension. Why? Good question. No-one seems to know, but they get a laugh.

Both Bruce’s have worked festivals around Oz. Roger is ex Mucky Duck Bush Band and Jon a stand up comic. Roger has been runner up in the Australian Yarn-Spinning Championships in Adelaide. Jon was asked to leave.

Both lads were named after the legendary Bruce Highway, an early prime minister of Australia and numerous other Bruces.

Both Bruces have been seen running around the bush as though emus and as though chased. [Or is that chaste?] {Or is that “mad as cut snakes!”?}

. . you and Roger were absolutely brilliant . . livened up the community with lots of laughter . . nothing but great reports . . country club hasn’t been so full in years . . we’ll have you back again.

Debbie Tyson, Kondinin

. . . great night of entertainment . . . Jon being hilarious in his capacity as auctioneer . . . bringing people together and creating a sense of community this event worked beautifully . . . clearly lightened the load for many.

Karen Strange, Bruce Rock

Meet the Bruce Brothers

Roger Bruce

(Roger is the guy, above, in the fishing add.)
(Jon’s got an add too, but he doesn’t talk about it.)

Roger Bruce Montgomery was first Ozzified by the unbelievable Uncle Jimbo, the rellie from hell, the first Aussie in Earl’s Court (London, England) and the last one out;

Roger will ensure you marvel at the antics of Why Me, unluckiest truckie on both coasts; and chortle along with the Boundary Riders, crumbling relics of the Oz outback.

Jon Bruce

The other Bruce, Jon Doust, is the boy from apple country, Bridgetown, 5th generation Australian, stand up comic and teller of tails about Finlay Campbell, the man who stopped WW 2, Roy “Rabbit Ears” Doust, Jon’s grandfather and legendary hunter, leg puller and journalist, Carl “The Undertaker without a body” Moyes, who would build a house for payments other than the regular muler, the world wheel barrow pushing champions “Flick” Moltoni and “Big” Johny Turner, the “Tall Timber” tough men from Pemberton . . . and whoever turns up on the night.

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